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With the most extensive range of blended research chemicals, you will definitely find the right chemicals for your research purposes, here at Smokeys.

This 3 MEC and Mexedrone Combo Pack puts 2 of our best selling stimulants in a combo pack! Thes..
From €46.00
We've reformulated our B2 Powder. This new blend contains 3-MEC, BK-2C-B and Caffeine. We suggest..
From €22.50
A brand new blend containing Phenzacaine, Caffeine, 3-FPM and 2-AI We suggest that if you have not ..
From €22.50
The latest research chemical from the same people who brought you B2 and B2 2015. This Ultra version..
From €31.25
B2 Capsules contain a 75mg blend of 3-MEC, Caffine and BK-2C-B, delived in a convenient capsule. ..
From €10.00
FINALLY the Re-release of Banshee Dust is here! We have been in development with our manufacturer t..
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From €18.75
Black Cats are a proprietary research chemical blend in pellet form. The producers of this blend say..
From €8.13
Good golly is this an exciting blend to research! Initial reports suggest to plan for 12-14 hours of..
From €22.50
We decided to arouse some enthusiastic research by combining Candi Flip and 3-FPM! Each of these pop..
From €43.75
We have loaded 75mg of our extremely popular Candi Flip blend into capsules for convenient research...
From €10.00
Charge Plus is a Research Chemical Powder and was one of the more popular research chemical compound..
From €12.00
Charly Sheen is one of the latest research chemical proprietorial blends on the market with active i..
From €16.00
Ching is a research chemical powder containing Ethylphenidate, also known as ethyl 2-phenyl-2-piperi..
Based on 2 reviews.
From €12.00
Dimethocaine is a stimulant blend containing Phenzacaine and Caffeine Anhydrous You must be over 1..
Based on 1 reviews.
From €8.75
Formula X is a pre-packaged proprietary stimulant blend in pellet form that contains 3-FPM and NM-2A..
Based on 1 reviews.
From €8.00
GoGaine Powder is made up of the following active ingredients: MPA (Methiopropamine), EPD (Ethylphen..
Based on 5 reviews.
From €16.00