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Smokeys Research Chemicals Blog

Our Research Chemical products are the result of many years of scientific chemical research, by professional chemists who fully understand the risks and benefits of each individual compound.

Research Chemicals are complex mixtures of different chemical compounds, that once combined, can deliver various effects. We have created several categories and placed our products in the appropriate categories based on the research chemical effect and base compound

Our blog is aimed at providing you with detailed knowledge about the chemicals we provide, the structure of the chemicals, and knowledge about their effects and how to handle them safely.

Your safety is important, and we therefore recommend you read-up on your chosen chemical, before ordering.

Posted by in on Dec 06, 2018 .

Please see below, our holiday period operations.

December 21st & 22nd

  • Orders will be dispatched as usual
  • Emails will be answered within 24 hrs
  • Order processing will be delayed due to staff holiday period

December 23rd

  • Normal Sunday, so no orders will be dispatched
  • Emails will be answered with in 24 hrs

December 24th

  • We will make every effort to dispatch orders, but we shut down our dispatch department at 12:00.
  • Emails will be answered within 24 hrs
  • Order processing will be delayed due to staff holiday period

December 25th & 26th

  • No orders will be dispatched
  • Emails will be answered...

Posted by in General, Nootropics on Feb 15, 2018 .

Widely talking, a nootropic is a compound that improves cognitive performance. A nootropic can act to improve memory, concentration, motivation, mood or just about anything at all that is related to cognition and thought.

Nootropics go by numerous names such as, smart drug and cognitive enhancers and essentially function by assisting or modifying the brains neurochemicals. Some nootropics function by altering neurotransmitters, although others stimulate neurogenesis, but the overall idea is that nootropics trigger positive improvements in the brain that support the individuals requirements.
When/Where Did Nootropics...

Posted by in General on Jan 23, 2018 .

We accept all the following Altcoin Cryptocurrencies. I think you will agree that this is a very comprehensive list and enables you to make your purchases without trading your coins across different platforms, avoiding all the associated fees!



Basic Attention Token


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Gold







Posted by in on Jan 23, 2018 .

We have opened up our payment system to take a wide selection of Altcoin cryptocurrencies (see the full list here). One of the main issues with buying research chemicals, with cryptocurrencies, is the time it takes the blockchain/network, to process the transaction. Some coins are lightning fast, while others take an eternity. Please consider this when choosing the coin you wish to pay with.

Here is a quick guide to demonstrate how easy it is.

1) Select the Cryptocurrency payment option (it's selected as default)

2) You will be presented with a payment screen as follows:

3) Click the tab labelled "Pay With Altcoins",...

Posted by in General on Nov 21, 2017 .

We're coming up to the holiday season, so we thought we'd get in early to let you know our packing and shipping restrictions, over the holidays.

Shipping Research Chemicals is a challenge, at the best of times, but the holidays also adds some additional restrictions from the postal system, and our working times. So we've put together this bulletin to inform you of what you can expect, if you place an order over the holiday period.

Friday 22nd December
Orders placed before 4pm CET, will be shipped on that day.

4pm CET, Friday 22nd December to Tuesday 26th December
No products will be shipped in this period. All orders placed...

Posted by in General on Aug 31, 2017 .

For some time now, we have been growing our offerings in order to provide a wide range of research chemicals to meet all demands. At the time of writting this article, we have 269 different products listed on the website. We are also aware that many of our clients re-sell our products, to their own client base. To support our resellers, we have recently introduced a range of wholesale research chemicals, all heavily discounted, allowing resellers to buy research chemicals in bulk. This has allowed us to send large shipments of chemicals, worldwide.

New Tablet Pressing Service For Resellers

We are happy to announce that we can now...

Posted by in General on Aug 14, 2017 .

4-CMC Glass Crystal has been added to our list of research chemicals available to order today. This is closely related to the Fine Crystal version that we've been supply you guys for a while now.

Check out this glass crystal version and let us know what you think.

Happy researching :)

Posted by in General on Aug 11, 2017 .

We have launched this new service to support other online research chemical suppliers, that are no longer able to stock and manage research chemicals themselves. If you have an online sales outlet, and don't have the facility to store chemicals yourself, then this service is for you!

We can deliver research chemicals to your clients, on your behalf. This is a fairly straight forward process and we're pretty flexible on adapting to suit your own operation.

We currently have clients that we have been drop shipping chemicals for, for some time now. With our new expanded facilities, we now have capacity to extend this service to all who...