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Buying Research Chemicals With Altcoin Cryptocurrencies

Posted by in on January 23, 2018 . .

We have opened up our payment system to take a wide selection of Altcoin cryptocurrencies (see the full list here). One of the main issues with buying research chemicals, with cryptocurrencies, is the time it takes the blockchain/network, to process the transaction. Some coins are lightning fast, while others take an eternity. Please consider this when choosing the coin you wish to pay with.

Here is a quick guide to demonstrate how easy it is.

1) Select the Cryptocurrency payment option (it's selected as default)

Select the Cryptocurrency payment option

2) You will be presented with a payment screen as follows:

Chose the cryptocurrency to pay with

3) Click the tab labelled "Pay With Altcoins", as below:

Chose Pay with Altcoins

4) Click on the Coin Logo you wish to use:

Click the currency logo

5) Fill in the form with your details and click Submit...(remember to provide a wallet ID should we need to refund you):

Fill out the form

6) Make your payment using the Wallet ID we provide, or scan the QR code, using your phone:

Make your payment


That's it! Fell free to jump onto LiveChat and ask us any questions about this service. We can't give advice on which coins are best, but we can help you through the process, if you are stuck...

Last update: January 23, 2018