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Smokeys shows how solid they are by replacing an erroneous order

I was excited that Clonazolam blotter was back, but I was sent pellets about 2/3 of them were crushed. It was a bit lower quality too so, they didn't need 50 emails to make things right, they sent me 50 blotters and I couldn't be happier. The design on the blotter is slightly different but they contain the same product at a higher purity, Smokeys have great products and long time customers will be rewarded for their fealty.

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Flynn 04:41:41 09-20-2017

très bon produit je serai client fidèle



testimonial: very good product i will be faithful customer


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cyril le cailar 16:03:23 09-19-2017
Research Chemicals

Smokeys undoubtedly has some of the best customer service that I have ever had the pleasure; that's right pleasure to deal with. They have come through with all products as promised and if any issue has arisen it was immediately resolved. I will certainly be doing business with them again.

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Larry 00:20:46 09-17-2017
These guys are so loveable.

I got problems with custom. i have asked someone who told me the product is not allowed.I informed smockeys that they have a similar product in stock which is legal in Germany.Within minutes i placed the new order and transferred the money. As soon as it had cleared, it was updated to progressing, a few minutes later in post.on the same day i have got my tracking nr. Three working days later i got my package.They reacted so quickly that i could continue my work in the lab.They really do care about their customers so much, that is impressive so kind and professional. By the way the package beeing controlled by custom still had come. I probably was given false information about the legal status of the previous order. Nevertheless the guys from smokeys are extraordinary in their concern of supporting the customer in the best way. Thank you for beeing so fast in solving my problem. I can't imagine a shop beeing more customerfriend ly. I will always be grateful and a customer for life.

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Stefan Eggert Sögel 20:17:37 09-13-2017
Best service

I am a regular customer and have already written some testimonals. So i am running out of compliments. They are doing an awesome job. As a scientist i can only recommend to purchase your material here. You will never be disappointed. Thanks to the staff. Cheers

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Stefan Eggert Sögel 13:12:03 09-13-2017
Swift and Attentive Service

I have received countless orders containing 3meopcp and dibutylone, and all of these samples provided were exactly what was purchased/expe cted while also having top-notch quality. For reliability and security when making orders, just come to Smoky's Chem site every time and you won't be disappointed with the service or the delivery.

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Michael Raleigh 02:28:00 09-11-2017
So helpfu!

I would like to thank Smokeys for assisting me with my purchase. I am very new to bitcoin and I made a mistake and the owner helped me correct it. They went above and beyond what they had to do and I'm very grateful. Highly recommended!

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Maria Edison 20:53:34 09-10-2017

Super fast shipping,very happy.Thankyou .

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Charles 14:26:43 09-10-2017
Awesome research vendor!

I was told my order could possibly take up to 2 weeks to be delivered, considering where I am located. That was not the took only 4 days! Smokeys is trustworthy, reliable and customer service is on-point. Not to mention high quality research products. Thanks Smokeys!!

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Shannon 22:44:39 09-06-2017
Super happy customer from the states!

First time customer here at Smokeys after I lost my domestic vendor and I have to say THANK YOU SMOKEYS YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! It was also my first time using bitcoin. Big shout out and thank you to the online support especially Matt! You rock brother! The packaging was excellent. It was so stealth I almost missed it! A++++ ALL AROUND! Thank you again Smokeys you have a loyal customer for life!

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Jesse 19:01:45 09-05-2017

Sayer les gars le coli est arrivee vous pouvez debloquer afin que je recomande ! Merci l'equipe ;)


Sayer guys the parcel arrived you can unlock so I recommend! Thank you team;)
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Tom Birollaud Croutelle 12:03:28 08-30-2017
Great Products and fast service!

I was skeptic, but after ordering and receiving my products within 2 weeks, I was impressed. Thanks big time Smokey's!

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Jay the Man 23:21:28 08-29-2017

Very fast shipping!. Packaging is OK. Thanks!

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12:55:50 08-29-2017
Received Order !!!

I received my order after 2 weeks and am super pleased. Your shipping methods are so fantastically disguised and always of excellent quality. Once again, thanks very much. Darry l.

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Darryl Nagle Melbourne 06:12:45 08-22-2017
big support on reddit chemsite post :)

I try some chem site and everytime my orders on this site are awesome ! good and fast shipping. big support on reddit chemsite post De tout les sites de chem smokeys reste le meilleur, commander le lundi et arriver le samedi :)

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Heisenberg 14:03:38 08-15-2017
Amazing company with amazing service

This is my first experience with Smokeys, and the research chemicals were perfect quality, and the customer service was even better. I ordered 100 pellets and only 63 were intact; the rest was broken into powder. I emailed them, and they offered to ship an additional 37 pellets immediately or add it to my next order. Since they have turned me into definite repeat customer, I will just add it to my next order in the next few days. I am very impressed! Thanks Smokeys!

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Brad M 03:59:39 08-12-2017

Very good Customer Service and very fast delivery. In two days it arrived . Quality is perfect. Thank you and see you next time :)

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Marc 12:09:22 08-10-2017
Previous orders

Brilliant service as always& great customer service.

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sinead fowler 01:38:39 08-07-2017

perfect website with best kind of rc in this world

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gijs tilburg 20:40:31 08-04-2017
Buy From Smokey's (So happy with my orders)

THANK YOU SMOKEY'S!!! THIS IS THE WAY SALES OF RESEARCH SUBSTANCES SHOULD BE, SAME QUALITY EVERY PURCHASE, JUST LIKE OTHER INDUSTRIES (GAS, MILK, PHARMACEUTICAL S (FROM BIG STORES), CARS, LANDSCAPING, WHORES, ETC.). UNFORTUNATELY YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT KIND OF BULL SHIT ASS CUT YOU GONNA GET IN YOUR LOCALLY BOUGHT RESEARCH CHEMICALS. I'M STICKING WITH THE BEST -SMOKEY'S!!!!! !!!!! I have NEVER experienced this level of consistency in purity of product over such a long length of time. Smokey's has the PURE and the prices are extremely reasonable. Shipping has been at GREASE LIGHTNING speeds over to my side of the pond. I think everyone who reads this would concur that this testimonial is true. I'll be a Smokey's customer until I can't be one anymore, which I hope is, like, never, at least 20-30 more years. THAN K YOU SMOKEY'S - I'LL BE BACK IN LATE SEPTEMBER OR MID-OCTOBER. EVERYONE THERE HAVE GREAT DAYS!!!

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CHRIS G 06:19:30 08-04-2017
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