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What Our Customers Say About Us

Very satisfied

I am more than happy with the product and the results i achieved in the lab. Also the customer service is everytime very helpfull and really cares about you, if you have any question. I can highly recommend to order here as i never got disappointed.

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Stefan Eggert Sögel 09:31:41 07-26-2017
Best shop

I have ordered several times. Never got any problems. Nice, friendly and polite customer service, that always helps you. Great to make business with these guys. Absolut ely reliable.

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Stefan Eggert Sögel 16:33:13 07-25-2017

first package didnt arrive second one did so i assume they mailed it and cant really blame them 1p spot on

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kriz Denton 04:19:40 07-25-2017
Great Customer Service

The people at Smokeys give 100% when it comes to customer service. I have ordered a product which was not listed as SOLD OUT and received a full refund the next day. Much love

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Timothy Skinner 20:55:56 07-24-2017
Excellent Customer Service

I received an order that was damaged badly, and I was furious. I contacted them via email and they have remedied the situation. Thanks Matt & Smokeys!!!

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Heath Jones 20:38:34 07-24-2017

cheap, but very good produit ,livraison très rapide elle est bien forte est il n'i a pas besoin dans metre un revie...merci a votre shop qui et super!

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guillaume st just en chevalet 14:29:53 07-17-2017

Smokeys are super awesome! The live chat is very helpful/suppor tive and clearly what i felt was they value us and honour what they do. I hope yous are around for a very long time. A++++

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Finau 01:49:01 07-16-2017
Great site

Fast delivery and good quality product. Smokey is the best.

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E2501 10:40:15 07-15-2017
Toujours satisfait du service

Cela fait maintenant plusieurs années que je me fais livré, par Smokeys, des produits de bonnes qualités,même s'il m'arrive de regretter le manque de régularité des produits par moment. Mais l'équipe est très pro et disponible. Et je peux vous confirmez que la ré-expédition n'est pas du flanc, je viens de le vivre, mais soyez patient !


testimonial: It has been several years since I get delivered, by Smokeys, products of good qualities, although I happen to regret the lack of regularity of the products at times. But the team is very pro and available. And I can confirm that the re-shipment is not flank, I just live it, but be patient
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fab Bretagne 10:51:28 07-14-2017

This was very cool, thank this i have a new girlfriend thank you smokeys! But it works only on love! who search something fast is wrong or must mix it! but its verry good

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Psilotek Wien 07:54:39 07-10-2017
Customer Service

I just placed my order yesterday so obviously it hasnt arrived, but the live chat is extremely helpful and there is always someone there to help. The one downfall about this company is that you have to contact them and give them information after you place the order. The entire transaction should be automated. BUT, this is only a minor inconvenience. The prices are very reasonable. Will leave more positive feedback when my order arrives

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Heath Jones 19:15:30 07-09-2017
Great !

Perfect place, people, and establishment. Everything came through with a speedy delivery!! Couldn't ask for more. Thank you !

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Joey Monmouth 19:27:27 07-05-2017
Excelllent service and product

Smokes used excellent shipping, quality products, and they honor there non delivery reshipment...G reat job looking forward to a long term relationship. Thanks again thanks for all you have done for me......

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john vaillant Amesbury, ma 16:39:08 07-03-2017

Just want to drop in to say thanks again!Many time repeat customer with two accounts. You guys are always reliable!

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Amanda Estepp Huntington 14:52:03 07-02-2017
Thanks Matt

Had a problem with the mail and i talked to Matt and he made everything good guys rock...great service and fast delivery ...thanks again

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Al 19:14:05 06-30-2017

very good product same as then clonazolan too bad is pyrazolam zo fast sold out

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gijs tilburg 12:55:17 06-26-2017
Best service

To the scientific community, i recommend to get your material here. Best products and they have always came right in time. I am absolutely satisfied with the results in the lab. Keep up your good work

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Stefan Eggert Sögel 12:24:03 06-26-2017
Never a problem

As usual, the customer service of this company is extremely good. Never a problem.

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Víctor Hernández San Cristóbal de La Laguna 12:18:27 06-20-2017

Good staff i wait my order :)

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Bryan France 07:09:00 06-20-2017
Best Customer Service!

I have been a long time customer and I have to say that Matt and his crew have the best attitude and customer service in the industry. Before I found smokeys I was struggling with poor service and outright thievery, but smokeys has been my choice ever since! Thanks!

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Rick 19:28:26 06-13-2017
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