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These guys are so loveable.

I got problems with custom. i have asked someone who told me the product is not allowed.I informed smockeys that they have a similar product in stock which is legal in Germany.Within minutes i placed the new order and transferred the money. As soon as it had cleared, it was updated to progressing, a few minutes later in post.on the same day i have got my tracking nr. Three working days later i got my package.They reacted so quickly that i could continue my work in the lab.They really do care about their customers so much, that is impressive so kind and professional. By the way the package beeing controlled by custom still had come. I probably was given false information about the legal status of the previous order. Nevertheless the guys from smokeys are extraordinary in their concern of supporting the customer in the best way. Thank you for beeing so fast in solving my problem. I can't imagine a shop beeing more customerfriend ly. I will always be grateful and a customer for life.

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Stefan Eggert Sögel 20:17:37 09-13-2017