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4 MEC Crystal Arrived within 45 days

props its not the delay efforts at Smokey it made it to the country im in just 4days customs until the time passes and you get back up with smokey if you paid for the reship insurance like i did and after 30 days thankfully and they send it out and within five days of the reship i check the mail and bam there it was so the first one came after all and now the reship is on its way i reached out to smokey and offered to pay right away but they said to count myself lucky that it happens on occasion the order went in around the begining of the new year they was closed a week and it didnt get here till the 13 of feb heat did not work well when applied to this batch seems it left a film and evaporated to correct color but not as the rats expected they squirmed and battled back with only the IV so onward in the search notes taken on this may return for another shot no pun intended haha. i shuffled perhaps my name and location letters if you get that right you know it will make it to ya.

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