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Professional and consistent

Hello, I have ordered from smokeys 4 times now. Each time I have ordered, it has been a very quick & easy streamlined process. Everything arrives in a good time frame and everything is of proper weight/product (Exactly what I ordered). B ecause of the requirement to contact customer support for confirmation once your order is placed makes you really feel you're an important customer and helps get rid of any uncertainty you may have had before you placed your order. Out of my 4 orders I have received 3 of them. The one I did not receive I chose to not purchase tracking/insur ance. Every order I placed since then I have added on the tracking and insurance and usually receive my order in 7-9 days. Smokeys offers a unique service combined with great customer service and consistency, the absolute best place for your scientific research needs.

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Christopher 21:02:10 06-13-2018