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Research Chemical Pellet Pressing Service For Resllers

Posted by in General on August 31, 2017 . .

For some time now, we have been growing our offerings in order to provide a wide range of research chemicals to meet all demands. At the time of writting this article, we have 269 different products listed on the website. We are also aware that many of our clients re-sell our products, to their own client base. To support our resellers, we have recently introduced a range of wholesale research chemicals, all heavily discounted, allowing resellers to buy research chemicals in bulk. This has allowed us to send large shipments of chemicals, worldwide.

New Tablet Pressing Service For Resellers

We are happy to announce that we can now offer a Pellet Pressing Service that allows you to order your own mixtures of any type, to be pressed into tablet form, and returned to you. This is a great step forward for any reseller that wants to sell thier own research chemical formula in tablet form.

Tablet Production Capacity

We can produce tablets up to a maximum of 22mm in diameter, with a maximum thickness of 6mm. We have the capacity to produce 2,500 tablets per hour, in lose form.

The minimum order quantity is 5,000 tablets and the current maximum is 25,000, per order.


  • 5,000 pellets = €1750 at €0.35 per pellet
  • 10,000 pellets = €3000 at €0.30 per pellet
  • 25,000 pellets = €5000 at €0.20 per pellet
  • 50,000 pellets = €7500 at €0.15 per pellet
  • 1000,000 pellets = €10000 at €0.06 per pellet

A Simple Process

We will provide the binding agent, but you must supply the chemical content and instructions for the formula and dosage that you would like each tablet to contain.

For more details, please contact us here.

Tags: custom supply, tablet, pellet Last update: October 09, 2017